In today's world, daily life can feel challenging, chaotic and confusing too much of the time. Learning how to simply look at things in a fresh way may be just what you need to attract wonderful and new possibilities in your life.

The POSSIBILITIES workshop was designed and developed to help you cultivate an eye-opening and renewed outlook on life. To help you reveal - and then effectively communicate - your "authentic voice", using the basic principals of the laws of attraction as well as simple meditation. You'll be able to re-focus on goals and find clarity that will make an exciting difference in your life.

The theory behind the quietly powerful POSSIBILITIES workshop is based on three "thought systems" that have seldom been blended together before. Each of these thought systems are powerful in their own right, but Ann Parenti has integrated all three studies and beautifully presents them all during one fun-filled and enlightening event. You'll come away with a raised awareness of how you perceive yourself and others. We're certain you'll come away with excitement and new energy about the wonderful possibilities just around the corner for you!

  1. Segment One
    • The Communication Game
    • Word Power 101
    • Getting Off the Island
    • You Have 30 Seconds to Identify Your Clients (ready – set – GO!)
  2. Segment Two
    • How Magnetic Are You?
    • Perception – It's Not All It Appears To Be
    • The Power of Laughter
    • The Joy of Giving
    • What's The Attraction?
  3. Segment Three
    • The Art of Meditation
    • The Meaning Behind the Chakras
    • An Easy Method of Meditation to Rebalance Yourself
    • What Do You Really Want
    • Relaxation – Finding the Path to Yourself